Every community in America is filled with men who have great potential to lead, but find themselves wondering, “What’s next?” You may be one of those men who has the potential to lead your family, your F3 Region, and your community. Still you wonder, “What’s next?”

What is GrowRuck?

GrowRuck the premier F3 leadership development event, designed to help you and your Region #Accelerate.

You will spend time with your F3 brothers, learn leadership principles from F3 Nation Trainers, and turn that Head Knowledge into Heart Knowledge over the course of a 12+ hour ruck-based CSAUP.

We promise, you won’t leave the weekend the way you started. Head over to the Events tab and get signed up!

The GrowRuck Mission:

Reinforce the F3 Mission Formula*, Teach Leadership Principles and Transfer Positive Habits in order to Accelerate Regional Growth. 

The F3 Mission Formula consists of the F3 Mission, the Credo, and the Core Principles.

2022 Schedule

Registrations Opening Soon