Meet the GrowRuck Cadre

Danny Stokes

GrowRuck Operations Leader

Danny Stokes aka Linus represents F3 Defiance in Tacoma, WA . Husband and father of four, Danny is a retired Captain from the US Army.  In 2016, he led the first F3 GrowRuck challenge and has played a big role in the expansion of the GrowRuck program. In late 2021 Danny designed and orchestrated F3’s Cadre Academy and currently serves as F3’s Cadre Team Leader. Danny excels at motivating F3 men to push through their perceived thresholds to achieve greater levels of physical performance and mental toughness, while simultaneously teaching leadership, teamwork, and communication. Outside of GrowRuck, you’re likely to find Danny on two wheels, pedaling to his next adventure destination.

Jeff Marsh

Cadre Team Leader

Jeff Marsh aka Flight Nurse hails from F3 Cape Fear and as a pax during GTE’s 17, 21 and 22 recognized the value in the GrowRuck program and graduated with Cadre Academy Class 001. He joined the US Navy as a 17 year old knucklehead, is grateful for the experience, and holds a profound respect for those that put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of others. He currently serves as Site Q for their recovery AO and leads monthly ruck CSAUP events. GTE is an opportunity to create an alternate trajectory for your life and he believes men need to continually do difficult and challenging things to avoid the status quo. Thus, sign up for a GTE. 

Jim Gregory


Jim Gregory aka Major Payne, has been a GrowRuck Cade since October 2020. He launched F3TheCapital (National Capital Region) and became its first Nant’an, and he currently serves the F3 Nation as the Northeast Sector Q. Additionally, he served our country as an Army Green Beret, deploying multiple times to lead troops in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In his role as a GrowRuck Cadre, he loves helping PAX accomplish more than they ever thought they could, turning their head knowledge into heart knowledge and learning that as they walk through the valley of the shadow of death, they can make it. In fact, they can excel as long as they learn to trust God, themselves and their brothers around them.

Michael Ruffing


Michael Ruffing aka Uncle Rico is a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001 and hails from F3 Naperville where he has served as CommZ Q, an F3 Nation TRUEBADOUR, and is now the Chief Development Officer for the F3 Naperville Foundation. He believes strongly that a GTE experience will help shape men’s leadership skills as individuals and as teammates, will unlock the stale beliefs of what each man is truly capable of, and is passionate about helping bring forth this opportunity to as many F3 Men as possible.

Councial Glenn


Councial Glenn aka Akron, a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001, hails from F3 Greensboro and has served as Site Q for Wakanda and 1st F Chair on the SLT for Natville (F3 Greensboro). Akron is a former 11B and served in a Drill Sergeant unit during his time in the military. He strongly believes that a GTE experience will help men realize what they have inside of them when  they get punched in the mouth. This realization will unlock the potential in them to become better husbands, fathers and leaders.

Addison Haynes


Addison Haynes aka Motorboat is a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001 and calls F3 Indianapolis home and has served as the Nantan for the region.  He has served in multiple leadership positions for large and small corporations while leading several new initiatives for medical education in the state. He believes that true character is revealed during a GTE experience that allows a man to know what they are capable of and how to do more than he thought possible.  

Tim Carr


Tim Carr aka Bloodhound, also known as Bloodmoon or Bloodbath, calls F3 Cherokee his home region and his first F3 workout was in 2016. He was medically retired from the Army where he served as an 11B then later as an 18B. After getting out, spent some time in California on a Search and Rescue Technical rope team. Following 9/11 he served as a Federal Air Marshal flying out of New York. A few years later moved to Georgia where he joined the local Search and Rescue Team and took a position as the Team Leader. I now spend most of my time holding other men accountable and showing them that they can always do more than they think.

Tony Cipriani


Tony Cipriani aka Babyface, a graduate of Cadre Academy of Class 001, is proud to call the great region of F3 Cherokee (Georgia) home and where he not only planted the 1st flag but also had the honor of serving as Weasel Shaker for 2 years once Cherokee became its own official region.  Babyface believes passionately that the struggle and eventual perseverance encountered in GrowRuck events create men that are better prepared to lead their F3 regions and the greater communities that these regions serve.  The world needs men that have been hardened and battle-tested through the experience of doing difficult tasks, and that is exactly what is provided by the GTE experience.

Thai Klam


Thai Klam aka Full House is a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001 and is originally from the outpost of the Greater Houston area known as the F3 Katy Region. He previously served as AO CoQ and currently serves on the SLT as Regional Weasel Shaker. His commitment to operational excellence has helped his region explode from 3 AOs to 18+ AOs in little over a year, going from less than 200 PAX to over 800 PAX and counting. He’s known for enforcement of the standard in the five core principles of F3 while motivating PAX through their LDP in the Four Quadrants of Preparedness. He believes the GTE evolution is something glorious whereby on the other side of shared suffering, men become better leaders.  

Garrett Purvis


Garrett Purvis aka Olaf is a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001 and can be found just outside of the “Gateway to Gastonia” in TheFort region.  As the current Q of Qsource for F3 Nation he feels like he’s found his D2X in helping PAX across the nation transform into the men they were called to be.  Over the past few years he has been accelerating all of his F’s and contributes the catalyst of his success to being unlocked at GTE21 and knows first hand how life changing a GTE weekend can be and wants to provide that opportunity to others.  

Matt Chenworth


Matt Chenworth aka Anaconda is a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001.  Currently an F3 nomad living in Fort Lauderdale, Anaconda’s path to F3 was through Cadre Linus while working within a veteran non-profit to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded veterans and law-enforcement officers.  After participating as a FNG in GTE 20 San Antonio, Anaconda knew he found a home with F3 Nation and their mission to invigorate male community leadership through fitness, fellowship, and faith.

John Lambert


John Lambert aka Slaughter is the current Nantan/CEO of F3 Nation and sits on the Board of Directors. He is a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001 and has been a Trainer for more than a dozen GTEs and a participant in 14 GTEs. Over the course of his 10-year F3 career he has found no better program for unlocking the potential of individuals and regions than executing a GTE weekend. His core belief of the secret to achieving personal acceleration is to push yourself far outside of your comfort zone to realize new physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. This is best achieved through pain and discomfort administered at the hands of an experienced and loving Cadre. He takes great care and pride in being those hands. 

Brent Mathany


Brent Mathany aka Yodel is a graduate of Cadre Academy Class 001 and calls the F3 St. Louis Region home. He has served on the GrowRuck St. Louis SLT, QSource, and acts as regional gear guru. He gives high reverence to the ability of GTE’s to help unlock a PAX’s ability to work within a team, build real world leadership skills, and develop a strength of character noticeable to those around him. It is his steadfast goal to deliver this opportunity to as many F3 PAX as attainable.