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Rocklin, CA




GrowRuck 25: The Grizzly
November 12-14
Rocklin, Ca

During the California Gold Rush of the Mid-1800’s, the Grizzly Bear was the largest animal found in the State. Its great size, strength, and vicious nature rendered it a most formidable enemy to the prospector. Our everyday challenges as men don’t often include a fight to the death; instead,  our ‘Grizzly’ is often ourselves, and our battle is for our freedom. Freedom FROM Goo Nation (the cultural philosophy of universal happiness), and freedom TO Leadership. So let’s get after it, men, let’s reclaim male community leadership. Let’s Get Right, Live Right, and Lead Right so that we can Leave Right!

F3 Nation has selected F3 Gold Rush to host the 25th installment of GrowRuck. These events are held across the country, and ‘The Grizzly’ will be the first GrowRuck in the State of California! We are excited and humbled at this opportunity to showcase our region on a national level. GrowRuck 25 ‘The Grizzly’ will host Pax from all over F3 Nation, including leadership throughout F3 that will be guiding us through the events of the weekend.

What is GrowRuck???

GrowRuck is a weekend-long event that combines F3 GrowSchool (A leadership training seminar) with a Rucking CSAUP event to apply F3 leadership skills immediately. By adding a CSAUP event (which brings a massive dose of 1st and 2nd F) to the GrowSchool experience, F3 Nation aims to catalyze and accelerate a location’s growth.

October 14 Noon EST: Registration Cut-Off for T-shirt

November 12: Friday Evening: 2ndF Event (Location TBD)
November 13: Saturday AM workout + GrowSchool (Locations TBD)
November 13-14: Saturday PM – Sunday AM Ruck Event(12-14 hours Location TBD)

NOTE: While F3 Gold Rush workouts will always remain free of charge, GrowRuck is a PAID event and requires a weighted pack and a few other incidental pieces of gear to attend. The cost to participate in the entire weekend is $150, which covers GrowSchool Leadership Training, the Rucking CSAUP, the cost to facilitate the ruck event, a T-Shirt, and an exclusive Patch. The best way to HC is by registering now.

For questions regarding GrowRuck 25: The Grizzly, please reach out to the Local Team or post your questions on the “GrowRuck 25: The Grizzly” Band channel. The preferred method of communication for all things “The Grizzly” will be on this dedicated Band Channel. For Pax outside of F3 Gold Rush, Band is the highly active and engaging social media app that the Gold Rush Pax use. This method of communication will provide the unique opportunity to engage directly with the all the Pax registered for GrowRuck. And give out-of-towners a glimpse into what has helped fuel the fire of F3 Gold Rush, that is, our open line of communication and encouraging environment.

Join our ‘GrowRuck 25: The Grizzly’ group on BAND

The Local Team:
Q: ConAir @ConAirF3
Assist Q: Bilbo @DruRich
Convergence/GrowSchool Q: Chuck E. @MarkLibertarian
2nd F Social Q: Foghorn @FoghornF3

This Pre-Blast is a living document that will be updated as details finalize. Please check back here, or at for any updated info. We look forward to changing lives through shared pain and bonding with our brothers in the darkness.

After-Action Report (AAR)