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F3 Nation has selected F3 Plainfield to host GrowRuck 30!
July 15th -17th, 2022

Before Plainfield was known as Plainfield, the area was called “Walkers’ Grove ” until it was platted as “Plainfield ” in 1841. Located between the cities of Naperville and Joliet, the city of Plainfield is identified as the oldest community in Will County.  In 1940, U.S. Route 66 crossed the Lincoln Highway (U.S. Route 30) in the heart of the Village of Plainfield, IL and for a time this historic city hosted the intersection of the two longest highways in the world! These highways only crossed each other twice and both locations are in Will County.

The Lincoln Highway was America’s first national memorial to President Abraham Lincoln and became affectionately known as “The Main Street Across America.   Route 66, known as the nation’s first all-weather highway linking Chicago to Los Angeles has been nicknamed the Great Diagonal Highway, the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America, and the Mother Road.   These historic roads represent free-spirited independence, linking the isolated to promise, prosperity, and a better life!

On August 28, 1990, an F5 tornado ran its course through Plainfield. The “Plainfield Tornado” made it across more than 16 miles (26 km) in only 8 minutes. A population boom started to take place at the end of the 20th century after the tornado, with a large number of new home subdivisions. Before this, Plainfield was primarily an agricultural town.

Established in July 2020, F3 Plainfield formerly known as F3 Crossroads (Illinois) has been taking advantage of this population boom and is a spark that has lit a fire for many Sad Clowns in the region.  Sad Clowns that were at a crossroads in their own lives and are now invigorated to build the F3 reach farther and wider!   Your participation in GrowRuck 30 will no doubt accelerate growth for the region, but will also enable us to reach out to more Sad Clowns who may be searching to change their lives for the better. We look forward to seeing you at GrowRuck 30….. so come Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

What is GrowRuck?

GrowRuck is an intensive, weekend-long, event that combines F3 Leadership Development (GrowSchool) with a Rucking Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless (CSAUP) event.   The combination of F3 GrowSchool and a Rucking CSAUP event (tons of 1st and 2nd F) will catalyze and accelerate growth for the F3 Plainfield location all while creating bonds of brotherhood as several regions join together to accomplish a mission!  We leave no man behind, but we leave no man where we found him! Together We Are Stronger!

Event Information


The cost to participate in the GrowRuck 30 is $175 which includes dinner Friday night, the KingBuilder workout/breakfast/GrowSchool on Saturday morning, and the Ruck CSAUP event that kicks off Saturday night.  Note:  Lunch on Saturday is On Your Own (OYO). If you want to participate in the weekend, but not the Ruck CSAUP event, the cost for the weekend is $50.


F3 Plainfield wants there to be no barrier to attend this event so there will be Full and Half scholarships available for those men that cannot afford.  To make this anonymous, the GrowRuck Event Q (Vern) will be handling these requests personally.  If you reach out, no one else will be aware of the request and there will be no application to prove the need.  If you ask, you will receive.  Additionally, any PAX that views gear needs (rucksack, ruck plate, etc) as a burden, Vern will help with loaner gear for the weekend.

For any scholarships or gear needs, please contact Vern (Brandon Ohms) directly via email [email protected] or cell phone 630-544-1131.


There are 4 Phases to this GrowRuck Training Event (GTE):

The Rally –  Friday night get together kicking off GTE30

The King Builder –  A Saturday morning workout to get the juices flowing!

GrowSchool –  A leadership training session during which the four quadrants of Preparedness (Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right) are taught in a classroom environment by GrowRuck leaders

The Ruck – A Completly Stupid And Utterly Pointless (CSAUP) Rucking event aimed to test both individual participant leadership and class teamwork all while under stress, chaos, and a little pain!

Schedule – See Link Here

Lodging Accommodations

A block of rooms has been reserved for the GrowRuck30 event at a rate of $109/night (not included taxes).

Hampton Inn Joliet – I-80 –  1521 Riverboat Center Drive Joliet, Illinois 60436 USA

There  are two ways to take advantage of this reduced hotel rate.   Call the hotel directly (815-725-2424) or use this link to book online.  If you call in, ensure you let the agent know you are with the “GrowRuck Block”

Guests will reserve their rooms for the dates of July 15 – 17, 2022

Ruck CSAUP Packing List (Required/Optional Equipment)

See the Gear section, and in particular pay attention to this video full of golden nuggets!

Required Equipment

  1. Rucksack (20L minimum suggested volume)

  2. 30lb weight (20lb weight if PAX weighs under 150lbs)

  3. 6L of water (combined total between hydration bladders and bottles). 3L needs to be fresh
    water without any drink mixes or additives.

  4. Headlamp w/red light capabilities & 1 full extra set of batteries

  5. Reflective bands attached to Rucksack

  6. Carabiner suitable for climbing

  7. Photo identification

  8. $20 in cash

  9. Face covering that is capable of covering mouth and nose simultaneously

  10. Work gloves

Optional Equipment

  • Electrolyte mix or tablets

  • Windbreaker/poncho/rain layer

  • Hat

  • Dry bag/Ziploc/trash bag – highly recommended

  • Food/snacks – highly recommended

  • First Aid/Blister kit

  • Extra socks/shirt

  • Toilet Paper/Hand Sanitizer/Baby Wipes

  • Duct Tape

Prohibited Items

  • Phone

  • Watch

  • Garmin or other satellite enabled devices

  • Other electronic devices

Support Team

F3 Plainfield will have a support team throughout the weekend and the overnight ruck. If you’re a PAX from another region that is coming in for the weekend and do not want to participate in the ruck but want to be involved, please reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know of your interest in being part of the support team.  This is a great way for regions that are looking to host in future years to learn how to host and what is involved!

Other Links

Now What?

  • Join the F3 Nation Slack Channel #gte-030-illinois

  • Follow F3 Plainfield on Facebook, Instagram (#f3plainfield), and Twitter (@f3plainfield)

  • Find a ruck, put some bricks in it, and start training.

Important Note:  This Pre-Blast is a living document that will be updated as details finalize. Please check back here often for any updated info. We look forward to changing lives through shared pain and bonding with our brothers in the darkness.

After-Action Report (AAR)