Christian Brothers Automotive Announced as Title Sponsor for F3 Nation's GrowRuck Program


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August 1, 2023

Charlotte, NC: Christian Brothers Automotive, a leading automotive service franchise, is proud to announce its partnership with F3 Nation as the new title sponsor for their GrowRuck program. This collaboration brings together two organizations that share a commitment to servant leadership, grit, self-improvement, and healthy competition. Christian Brothers Automotive’s generous investment of $25,000 will further enhance the reach and impact of the GrowRuck events, providing opportunities for personal growth and community service. 

GrowRuck, an initiative of F3 Nation, focuses on empowering individuals to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally through grueling workouts, team challenges, and character development exercises. The events foster a supportive environment where participants push their limits and strengthen their leadership skills and bonds of brotherhood. With Christian Brothers Automotive as the title sponsor, these events will gain additional resources to support participants in their journey toward becoming better leaders in their families, workplaces and communities.

President of Christian Brothers Automotive, Donnie Carr, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with F3 Nation and support their GrowRuck events, which align perfectly with our core values. Together, we will inspire individuals to reach new heights and make a positive impact in their communities.”

F3 Nation, an organization dedicated to invigorating male community leadership, is equally enthusiastic about this new collaboration. CEO and Nantan of F3 Nation, John Lambert, shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, “GrowRuck events are the epitome of what F3 Nation stands for – fostering leadership, accountability, and personal growth. We are grateful to Christian Brothers Automotive for their generous support as the title sponsor and look forward to making a difference, together, in communities across the country.”

The $25,000 investment from Christian Brothers Automotive will provide essential resources for the growth and success of the GrowRuck events. This sponsorship will enable F3 Nation to enhance the event experience, expand outreach efforts, and support participants through scholarships and community service initiatives.


About Christian Brothers Automotive: Christian Brothers Automotive is a leading automotive service franchise with a mission to glorify God by providing ethical and excellent automotive repair and maintenance services. With a commitment to servant leadership and customer satisfaction, Christian Brothers Automotive has established a strong presence in communities across the nation and has ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction among Aftermarket Full-Service Maintenance and Repair Providers by J.D. Power four times in a row.* For more information, visit:

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About F3 Nation and GrowRuck: F3 Nation is a non-profit organization dedicated to invigorating male leadership through fitness, fellowship, and faith. The organization provides free workouts, leadership development, and community service opportunities to men across the country. F3 Nation’s GrowRuck events are known for their physically and mentally demanding challenges that push participants to their limits and help them grow as individuals and leaders.

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