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Lets GO!!!!!!

Start the engines, sound the trumpets, dust off the rucks, GROWRUCK and F3Nation are making a stop in Lousiville for GROWRUCK 21! Thats right, the home of Ali, Churchill Downs, and the F3FunFactory, will welcome HIM from around the nation for a little leadership and CSAUP. Mark your calendars for October 9th – 11th!!!!

Cost $

The cost to participate in the GrowRuck Tough Challenge is $150 for local pax and $125 for the Clowncar Special. This includes GrowSchool, the Ruck Challenge, a T-Shirt, and sweet patches.  Register Here Now. (If you’re interested in GrowSchool and not the ruck challenge, that option is available at the registration link)

PLEASE do not let cost keep you from this experience. Scholarships will be available.

Your Event Q’s for the weekend are OJ and Handbook from F3 Louisville. They’ll be responsible for organizing the weekend and making sure all you HIM are ready to roll. If you have questions, you can reach him at or on twitter at @F3LouRuckin

Lodging for DR pax

Large suites available to accommodate multiple pax per room. Follow the link below for more details and to book your room.


  • September 4th: Deadline to register for GROWRUCK 21 and receive a t-shirt upon completion.
  • September 14th: Deadline to book a room at the Homewood suites. After the 14th all unreserved rooms in the block will be opened to the general public.
  • October 9th: We will take registrations for GROWRUCK 21 up until the last minute.

What about COVID19?

We believe based on other events going on in Louisville that we will have GrowRuck Lousivlle in a safe, responsible, and legal way.  All indications are that October should be safe. The GrowRuck Team is monitoring Louisville Sporting Events schedules, the GORUCK schedule, and state regulations to make the best decisions possible.  Something else to consider, we need this more than ever.  If there was ever a time when men needed to be men, to clown car, to shed some blood, sweat, and tears, now is the time.

Consider the COVID19 may have created the perfect time for us to rally together as men, to demonstrate unity, to fight sad clownism.   There is nothing this covid, economically depressed, divided country and region needs more than men who are fully alive, ready to take on the challenges that come our way.  I can think of no better way to get prepared than GrowRuck Louisville.  Iron Sharpens Iron!

Weekend Schedule

We are still working through the fine details but here is what you can expect.

Friday October 9th

7:00 PM – 2ndF event (local watering hole TBD)

Saturday October 10th

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Convergence workout led by F3Nation

8:30 AM – Breakfast/coffeteria

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM – GrowSchool led by F3nation

6:00 PM – GrowRuck 12 hr ruck event (Starting location TBD)

Sunday October 11th

Sometime in the AM, GrowRuck Event concludes.


What, you ask, is GrowRuck?

It’s simple: GrowSchool + 12 hour Rucking challenge. In one weekend, you’ll get, loads of 1stF + 2rdF meeting HIM from all over the country + 3ndF Leadership Development & Training and an opportunity to serve the community.

GROWRUCK 16 video


See the GrowRuck Packing List for all the required gear.

The most frequent question asked when an F3 group begins to look into doing the Challenge is “do I need to buy a $300 backpack”. The short answer is no. A GORUCK ruck is not required, but GORUCK Rucks last — FYI: the Rucker model ($165) goes on sale from time-to-time & the F3 Ruck Club will have discounts that may work for the Rucker, depending on the month. Contact Kilo, @ben_clarks or on slack at the end of the Pre-Blast. The 511 Rush 12 is a $99 version that some guys use. The 511 Rush 24 is slightly larger and slightly more expensive. Also, many guys pick up second-hand rucks at Army surplus stores, eBay, or Craigslist.

Another option is to email [email protected] with the subject line of Lend a Ruck, and someone from the F3Nation will answer the call (kinda like the Bat Signal) and ship you his ruck to use for a small fee. Each region that would like to rent a Lend-a-Ruck needs to identify a Q to communicate with the GrowRuck team.

Besides a ruck, you’ll need some bricks or a plate for weight, a headlamp, reflective PT belt, and a hydration bladder.


????? Stay tuned for the big announcement ????????

Next Steps

  1. Sign up at  GrowRuck Registration
  2. HL a clown car from your region
  3. Join the Slack channel on the nation’s Slack, for all the mumble chatter.
  4. Find a ruck, put some bricks in it, and ruck on.

Important Links

All Comz will take place on the Nation’s Slack Workspace, Growruck Louisville Channel.   You can post updates as you train, ask questions, and most importantly “challenge” other regions here. Be sure to keep up with things here as our Cadre will post updates here that you will need to pay attention to.

The GORUCK Challenge – The link to GORUCK’s Tough page. Just look at things and get inspired.

All Day Ruckoff – by GrowRuck 04 Alumni, Brian Lohr contains many helpful links on training, equipment, and the podcast is informative. Consider following him on Twitter as well.

Pathfinder Ruck Training was started by F3 guys and is a solid training program for any GoRuck event.

Join F3 Nation Rucking on Facebook (closed group).

You can always email [email protected] and Bono will either answer your questions or get you to the right person. Be sure to follow @F3GrowRuck on Twitter.

After-Action Report (AAR)